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About WotW

Warriors of the Westfold is a weekly LIVE Youtube broadcast and iTunes podcast. Hosts Arwen (Director of Middle-earth News), Lily (Assistant Director of Middle-earth News), Oloriel (Staff Reporter for Middle-earth News), Myla (Staff Reporter for Middle-earth News), and Rachel (Staff Reporter for Middle-earth News) spend most of their time geeking out about the upcoming Hobbit films, quoting The Muppets, and wishing they had the TARDIS in their backyards.

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You can join in the conversation every week using the comment section on their Youtube channel.

Your Show Hosts

Always delightful, always entertaining and always geeks, Arwen, Lily, Oloriel, Myla, and Rachel rotate turns hosting Warriors of the Westfold.

Whether they’re bringing you all the latest news or discussion their geek passions they’ll be bound to make you want to keep listening. You can find out a little more about them below…

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Arwen – Director of Middle-earth News

Founder of Middle-earth Network and News Director of Middle-earth News. Arwen is a mother of two, an uber geek, loves sci-fi, pretends to understand LOTRO, and kicks ass at fantasy card games. She constantly quotes from The Muppets, Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate…. you get the point. Spontaneous bursts of singing have been known to occur . Charlie is her guitar and Chewbacca is her car. Her wardrobe consists of geeky tees, jeans, and Chucks.

Lily – Middle-earth News Assistant Director

As schoolkids, Lily and her friends reenacted Star Wars and Star Trek on the playground, and never even knew they were being geeky. They just knew they were being awesome! She has been known to quote extensively from The Princess Bride, The Lord of the Rings, and Back to the Future. Her favorite character from history, myth, or fiction would have to be…Robin Hood! And if Arwen never needs a backup singer, Lily is here to help!

Oloriel – Art and Literature News Reporter

From time out of mind, Oloriel has been typing away in her little apartment, cats at her feet, hoping to reach out to other fantasy lovers by way of Her discovery of Tolkien as a young adult awakened her long-dormant love of the otherworldly, and now she sees magic everywhere. Oloriel has a degree in writing, which she put to work during a three-year stint in vanity publishing – an experience not unlike purgatory and very much like having to read 20 bad books each week – which she prefers not to talk about. To renew herself, she knits, naps, reads, prays, writes, walks in the woods, and eats too many cookies.

Myla -Staff Reporter


After being dragged to see The Fellowship of the Ring back in 2001 with her dad, Myla fell head-over-hobbit-feet in love with Middle-earth. Now over a decade later, her love for J. R. R. Tolkien’s world is still going strong! She has a habit of becoming too attached to fictional characters and belting out too many show tunes. Myla enjoys creating art, collecting all things relating to Tolkien and pretending she’s an airbending hobbit living peacefully in the Shire.

Rachel – Staff Reporter


Rachel began her journey into nerd-dom when she was six years old and her parents shared Star Wars with her. Since then, she has grown to be a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings, which for all intents and purposes dominates her life. Besides Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Rachel enjoys Supernatural, Harry Potter, and most recently Doctor Who (her favorite Doctor is 9). Aside from being a host on Warriors of the Westfold and an avid tea-drinker, Rachel is a reporter for Middle Earth News, runs a Lord of the Rings themed blog, makes jewelry, and is in college. She also loves anyone who starts singing with her when she casually slips ‘you remind me of the babe’ into conversations.

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